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House Raising NJ

You can skip a stone along the East Coast without hearing about companies that are doing house raising New Jersey and other states along the coast. Click here for more info about house raising. In the last few years, as development along the shore has increased to historic high levels, many are realizing that there are great benefits to lifting their home to a higher elevation. Some are obvious – Hurricane Irene and Hurricane Sandy made that clear – but some are not as obvious.

Why is NJ house raising so popular these days? Why are house lifting contractors so busy in recent years? Here are just a few reasons why people are putting these companies to work, and why they are so happy with the results.

Avoiding Future Floods

This one is pretty obvious, isn’t it? Homeowners who experienced flooding during Hurricane Irene and Hurricane Sandy want to get their homes to a higher elevation to avoid flooding in the case of future storms. A move like this helps prevent future insurance claims, costly repairs, and being put out of your home for months at a time during repairs. Toms River Patch posted about it here.

Getting Better Flood Insurance Prices

This is another one that goes without saying. Many residents are hiring NJ house raising companies, contractors in North Carolina, and other experts in an effort to get better flood insurance premiums. The Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA) flood plain maps – updated last year and finally approved in 2013 – determine the expected water height during normal high tides, flooding conditions, and 100-year storm flood conditions such as those experienced during Hurricane Sandy. If FEMA says you need to be at ten feet over mean high tide, it is in your best interest to be at that height or higher, otherwise you can expect to pay much more for your flood insurance.

Boost The Value Of Your Home

One thing house lifting NJ does that many people don’t consider is to raise the value of your home. Think about it: this is an improvement to your home, isn’t it? And home improvements add value. The money you invest now in raising your home is money you will see later in a better return on your investment once you sell your home. The fact that it also helps protect your home is simply an added benefit.

Increasing Your Usable Space

House Raising NJ is not exactly like putting an addition on your home, but in some ways it can be close. A house raising project can create extensive storage space for you and your family. You can store boats and kayaks beneath your home, bikes, patio furniture, and more, all of which will free up space in your den, garage or attic. In some cases you may even have room enough to create an open air workshop. In addition, in coastal communities it is not uncommon to have homes lifted high enough to park a car underneath. These elevated homes will often enclose their open foundation in latticework, leaving space enough for parking.

Better Waterfront Views

Waterfront views are nice, but they are even better when your home is high enough to really take advantage of the view. You may be satisfied with your waterfront view, but imagine your house lifted six or eight or even ten feet higher!

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