House Raising in New Jersey

Everything you need to know about NJ House Raising

House Raising in New Jersey

If you ask around the Jersey Shore region, chances are you will encounter someone who is seeking a NJ house raising company. With the memory of Superstorm Sandy still fresh in everyone’s mind and the potential for future storms to repeat the flooding experienced throughout the region, getting one’s home higher – high enough to be above all but the most devastating flood waters – has become a top priority for New Jersey residents.

The whole process begins with finding the right company to do the work for you. These days, many contractors are doing house raising in NJ, but lifting a structure isn’t the kind of work that can or should be done by just anyone. After all, this is your home. It’s where you live and where you raise your family. You don’t want to trust it with just anyone.

But have no fear. Follow these simple guidelines and you’ll choose the right company for your needs. Click here: NJ House Raising FAQ

Check Their Background – This simple step has saved many a homeowner from dealing with contractors that are better off avoided. When it comes to having someone do your cabinets or your landscaping an error may not be a big deal, but when your entire home is being lifted off the ground checking into the company’s background is essential. In addition to tools like the Better Business Bureau, use sites like Yelp and Angie’s List and look for reviews. Even a simple Google search may bring up valuable information on the house lifting NJ business you are considering.

Ask For References – Checking into the background of a company will only tell you do much. Talking to people who have actually dealt with them will tell you a lot more. Ask for references, and then check them. If the contractors will not provide references, walk away. You don’t want to deal with anyone who won’t give you references.

Talk To Former Clients – Getting references is only the first step. Once you get them, be sure to actually check them. After all, that is the point of asking for them in the first place! Ask questions about how satisfied other customers have been, how smoothly the work went, any problems they faced, and so on. It is important to not skip this step!

Toms River Residents:

Ask To See Work – Any contractor worth their salt will be able to show you examples of work they did. That might mean seeing the homes of the references they provided. If possible, have them show you precisely what they did, how it went, and how they performed the job. A reputable NJ house raising company will be able to show you several examples of quality work.

Get A Written Estimate – Never sign a contract unless you have been given a written estimate first. While you can trust reputable contractors, the whole purpose of this advice is to help you avoid unscrupulous contractors – and unscrupulous contractors won’t give you a written estimate because it can be used against them later. Be wary of contractors who refuse to give you one. Any company that has house lifting experience will know about how much your job will cost, so if they can’t give you an estimate, they may not have the experience you need.

With these simple tips, finding a house raising company can be easy!

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